Information Center for Greater Cairo’s Facilities Network

Information Center for Greater Cairo’s Facilities Network

Public Buildings

The Centre is considered as one of the advanced scientific achievements in Cairo, specializing in surveying facilities and placing them on the cadastral maps to obtain integrated infrastructural databases. The center consists of two basement floors, ground floor and two typical floors
Total area of 10,000 m2
containing the following:
- Main entrance, conference hall and lounge reception.
- Administrative offices and meeting rooms.
- Hotel rooms and lounge reception.
- Restaurant, cafeteria and their kitchen extension.
- GYM and its accessories.
- Electrical main power plant and air conditioning plant.
- Parking, stores and maintenance rooms.

Head office:
El Obour City, 5th District,
Block 11001, Plot 3, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: +202 4491 7395
Mob: +2010 2500 7996

El-Obour City, Industrial Zone A,
Block 13034, Plot 8, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: +202 4481 0412 / 0429 / 0299
Mob: +2012 2398 5332

Photography by : Nour Elrefai
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