Egypt Air's Integrated Training Complex

Egypt Air's Integrated Training Complex

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For more than 30 years Egypt Air's Training Center has been offering flight and cabin crew training that relied on equipment ranging from simple training devices to state of the art full flight simulators.

Egypt Air has endorsed a comprehensive plan for the development of its training sector through the establishment of an integrated center for practical and theoretical training on the latest flight simulators. In this context, and given their long lasting cooperation over more than 25 years with ALPHA, Egypt Air assigned ALPHA to execute the project due to its profound expertise in the field of implementing integrated projects.

The facility is very well designed, properly engineered and fully equipped with the latest technology available worldwide.

Head office:
El Obour City, 5th District,
Block 11001, Plot 3, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: +202 4491 7395
Mob: +2010 2500 7996

El-Obour City, Industrial Zone A,
Block 13034, Plot 8, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: +202 4481 0412 / 0429 / 0299
Mob: +2012 2398 5332

Photography by : Nour Elrefai
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